Saturday, January 30, 2010

Little Moments - January

Well, my thoughts of being a better blogger have not gone so great so far, but there is always room for improvement in February!

This blog posts is just a list of some of the little moments over the past month that have had me laughing, loving and living. I plan to do one of these every month to reflect on how wonderful my month really was, it is really easy to forget the small stuff, but they are so important!
  • B and I rang in the new year parent style in bed by 10!!!
  • MC sat up on her own for the first time
  • Our friends welcomed the 2nd child into the world
  • We started the construction of our new home
  • My dad turned 62!
  • Brad turned 31!
  • We ate at 17North (the best place to eat north of 41)
  • We enjoyed our first get together at the lot with friends for B's birthday
  • Made the GIANT cupcake for B's birthday
  • MC crawled for the first time
  • MC ate little puffs for the first time
  • My dad took care of MC all day and they both made it through
  • I found 2 pairs of Paige Jeans on EBay!
  • Harris Teeter had crab legs for $2.99 a pound (we have a freezer full!!!)
  • Found Big Sexy Hair shampoo on sale and it makes my hair look great despite the well water

Monday, January 11, 2010


Well today is the BIG day, B and I have officially started the construction of our home! Mother Nature has given us a break in the rain and the footings are being dug today. The first of many thousand steps to come over the next months. In 6 short weeks the house will be dried in and look like a house!