Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pray for a stanger please...

I am sure each of you have prayed for a friend or a family member.  I do, everyday I pray for both friends and family.  This week I have been adding a new prayer, a prayer for a stranger, a 28 year old woman who is in the battle of her life.  

Her name is Holly, she works with two of my friends husbands at a local business.  Thursday out of no where she had a massive brain aneurism in the office.  Thanks so the quick work of her co-workers and EMTs she was transported to the hospital.  She was with our a pulse for a period of time but was able to be revived.  Since Thursday's incident in the office she has had 3 brain surgeries and as a result of the trauma her body has been through she suffered a heart attach yesterday.  

I don't know Holly from Adam.  I could not tell you what she looked like if you asked me, but I do know she needs a miracle and the only way I know how to get one is through the power of prayer!  So please I ask you pray for her too!!  She needs as much as we can get!