Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blogging World Here I am

Well it has been a long time coming, but here I am blogging on the web with millions of others. After my older sister started her blog for her business I decided that I would start my own. One day I hope my blog will be as entertaining and fun to read as my friend Amanda's.

I spend my days laughing, loving and living so I found it to be the most fitting title for my blog. My family and friends are the roots to my laughing and loving. Through out my blog I will share with you the stories of the people and things in my life that keep me laughing, loving and living.

So let me start off with a brief introduction to the source of most of LL&L my family:
  • Me: I am a part-time working mom. I am the marketing director for a locally owned decorative hardware and plumbing company in Charleston, SC. I also am the bookkeeper and office manager of my husband's tile and stone flooring installation company we started back in May. I have a passion for cooking I love it! Prior to college I could not even boil water, my talent and love for cooking still leaves my dad a little perplexed. I have recently taken a liking to sewing and cake decorating I think it was part of the whole nesting thing when I was prego!!! So stay tuned for sewing and baking projects!!!
  • B: My husband is one of a kind, high energy and full of life, he never sits still. When he is not working or at home is in the woods or on the water living the Lowcountry life. He keeps my freezer full of deer, duck, dove, fish, shrimp and many other yummy things!!
  • MC: My daughter was born in June and is the most amazing thing that has happened to our family. She is a constant reminder of what life is truly about laughing, loving and living. There will be many posts about MC as she grows!
  • Drake: Our almost 8 year old black lab that was our first baby he was just a few months old when Brad and I started dating.
  • Lilly: Our 4 year old beagle that is spoiled rotten, she sleeps in the bed and requires more room in a king size bed than a full grown person!

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