Friday, April 30, 2010

New Twist on My Green Thumb

Since B and I moved to the country I have had some adjusting to do and one of these adjustments was not having a garbage disposal anymore. I love to cook and never realized how much I used my disposal to get rid of my cooking scraps. It makes me sick to see how much room cooking scraps take up in the trash can.

So today we bought a tumbling compost bin for all those scraps from the Sweetgrass Ace Hardware in good old Mount Pleasant. I have had my eye on it all spring and I am so excited about starting my composting career today!!!

What I like about this compost bin is that it is a tumbler so I don't have to take my shovel out and turn the pile, all I have to do is go give it a spin! Much easier on me and ultimately easier on B when I decide composting is not as much fun as I though it was going to be.

So I will keep my blog updated as we move along with the decomposition!!

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