Friday, February 26, 2010

StrollerFit - the best workout

After a 25 pound weight gain during my pregnancy, I was determined to get back to clothes as soon as possible and StrollerFit was the key. Less than 4 months after MC was born I was back in my clothes and now almost 9 months later I am 10 pounds lighter than I was before I got pregnant!

I belong to the Mount Pleasant franchise that is owned by Amy Welch. I average 2 to 3 classes a week and love it. My new love for exercise is something I hope to instill in MC as she grows up.

Here are the reasons for StrollerFit (from the StrollerFit website):

Functional Stroller Fitness - Your body gets strong, lean and energized as you perform highly effective exercises targeting your mommymuscles® (the muscles used and abused during labor, delivery and the postpartum, day to day care of your baby). With StrollerFit not only will you look great, you can get rid of those aches and pains that can come with being a mom.

Convenience - Keeping your baby within arm's reach while you exercise is the ultimate time and energy saver; no nursery or baby sitters needed. And because StrollerFit turns your stroller into a portable fitness machine, you can get a great stroller fitness workout wherever you are.

Your Baby Will Love It - StrollerFit keeps your child happy! Your baby gets the best seat in the house to watch and help mommy exercise. And when the stroller starts moving, things really get fun!

Give Your Baby the Gift of Health and Fitness - By exercising the StrollerFit way, you help your baby recognize exercise as a positive and natural occurrence in his or her life. While many children resist exercising as they get older, your baby enjoys the process. Bottom line: with StrollerFit your baby develops the foundation of a healthy, lifelong exercise habit with the best workout partner of all - YOU!

Make Great Friends - At StrollerFit, you'll be working out with moms just like you. It's a great opportunity to socialize while you exercise. You'll walk away from our classes with names and numbers for our StrollerFriends™ play groups, moms' nights out and an ever-growing supportive network of friends thats only a phone call or e-mail away.

Fun - The best kind of exercise is fun exercise. StrollerFit creates an "exercise experience" you share with your baby. The changing music, moves and motions combined with the social interaction of your instructor, other parents and babies keeps you and your baby smiling.

Safety - The StrollerFit Program has evolved from hundreds of StrollerFit group fitness classes. Since we started in 1997, our focus has been on continuously engineering, designing and improving StrollerFit exercises to correctly address the unique physical needs of postpartum mothers and their babies. The result is a highly effective stroller fitness workout that protects both mother and baby from injury.

Results - With StrollerFit, your stroller provides an ideal blend of resistance, stability and movement - the building blocks of a super effective stroller fitness workout. Because you don't hold your baby during a stroller fitness workout, exercises can be performed with the proper aerobic and anaerobic intensity to get great results.

Professional - All of our fun, friendly StrollerFit franchisees hold nationally accredited fitness certifications and are infant and adult CPR-certified. They are also specially trained and certified by StrollerFit. Many instructors hold advanced academic degrees in health sciences, fitness and physical therapy.

Interactive - A StrollerFit workout lets you play with your baby while you get fit. Your baby is the focus, as you move with and around your stroller. The exercises also encourage plenty of group interaction, so baby is always having new experiences.

More Than a Workout - StrollerFit also encourages your baby's physical and cognitive development with special music, games, socialization and new experiences. At StrollerFit group fitness classes you will enjoy making new friends, sharing ideas and learning about local programs, activities and events.

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  1. This is a great one!! Wish i could say that it applied to me but I'm in in need of just plain "fit" rather than "strollerfit". Still is was an inspiration to get moving! Keep it up my friend!