Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This afternoon little MC and I headed to the Isle of Palms to see my first cousin Helen and her two girls Grace and Tess. They live out of town so we don't get the chance to visit often enough. Helen and I are years apart in age and have never lived in the same town but have a really unique bond. I was Helen's flower girl when she got married, that should define the age gap!

As I sat with MC on the wood floors of the beach house playing with her cousins a very familiar feeling came to me. Watching Grace and Tess play and interact with MC made all the memories of 15 years ago when I was close to their ages and sat there on that same floor and played with each of them.

Watching MC smile and laugh together with her second cousins is something that I know would have made my late grandparents' (Mimi and Big Joe) heart fill with joy.

It is such a neat thing to see another generations of family start to cultivate their bonds together.

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