Monday, February 27, 2012

Food Victory...

I love to cook, it is something I use to be miserable at.  The first meal I ever made B was a disaster, when he went to serve the mashed potatoes with the serving spoon that I in them the whole bowl lifted up and I swear in college I use to botch easy mac in my microwave!

My friend Amanda was like my food fairy, she taught me how to cook and how much fun it could be.  In my kitchen cooking with a glass of Pinot is one my happy places.  I am that freak that cooks to re-leave stress.

B and I have a rule, you must try it once and after we get done eating you can tell me your honest opinion, but you have to eat one meal of it before you tell me it sucks.  Making him eat it some how makes the thumbs down easier to swallow!  

However this rule is out of the window when it some to cooking for kids, the brutal honesty of children you have to love it.  With that being said MC has turned into my little food critic.  Tonight as we sat down for Eggplant Parmesean I looked at MC as she ate the first bite of eggplant (which is something she has never had), her eyes got huge and she exclaimed "Yummy in my tummy, I love eggsplant" (we will have to work on the correct name).  I took a large sip of my wine and leaned back in my chair with a smile on my face and thought to myself victory!

Here's to the little food moments in life that keep you laughing, loving and living!


  1. Hold up! I didn't know you had a blog! You grew that eggplant yourself, didn't you?!?!
    M needs to teach my babes a thing or two, they have a strict no veggie policy, unless it's in a sneaky puree.

    1. I did not grow this eggplant but will have some in the spring garden.

      This is my little fun rambling, I pretend that lots of people can't wait to hear what I have to say!