Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trying something new...

Well believe it or not I spend a tremendous amount of time in front of the computer for work and for staying in touch with friends.  I know you all might find that hard to believe since I have been so slack with my blogging these days.

Today I decided to dedicate 10 minutes or so a day to the computer for my kids.  I know you are probably thinking what in the world is she talking about for her kids?!?!?  Everyday or as close as I can to it, I am going to write MC an email to tell her how great she is and tell her some funny things she did that day.  When Baby #2 gets here I plan to do the same for her.  That way one day they can read hundreds of emails I have written to them.

I know emails are not as cool as hand written letters, but emails are easy to do no matter where I am and I have setup a special email address for just these to go to so they are organized and together for the kids.  I look forward to the day I share this email address with them and pray to God that there are thousands of these for them to read.  I hope that one day a long time from now that when I am looking down from heaven these little love messages to them will offer them comfort in the lonley times.

So here is to dedicating yourself to the little things in life that keep you laughing, loving and living!

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