Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Hubby....

Hey there, I know it has been ten days or so and that is not good for my 7 wonderful followers! 

Today I have to post about my hubby.  Sorry if I get a little sappy, I think my hormones are causing me to get all sentimental. 

B and I have been together for almost ten years, our 5 year wedding anniversary is coming up in October.  At the beginning of our relationship we had the odds stacked against us. I had just graduated from high school and was headed of to Winthrop and he was settled in Mount Pleasant working for his dad's company.  

For 4 long years we stuck it our for the tearful good-byes knowing that the every other weekend thing would come to an end one day.  The long distance SUCKED to say the least, but we made it through and it made us super strong.  We had to learn to communicate and trust each other, we had no choice it was talk and trust each other or watch our relationship go down in flames.

Life with B is never dull, my husband never stops.  He is like the energizer bunny.  If I could bottle his energy I would give 5 hour energy and Red Bull a run for their money.  Most days I love it, he is vivacious and full of life, I will admit there are those days that his energy is exhausting especially being prego.  

B is not just a loyal partner in life, but an amazing dad.  It is a really cool transformation to watch when I man becomes a dad.  It is something that is so special to watch and I fall in love with him all over again everytime I watch him with MC.  It really does not matter if he is teaching her to through a ball, planting the garden with her, giving her a bath, reading her a book or simply laying on the floor watching TV together he melts my heart.  

As my husband B is tough and tender, let me explain.  He does not treat me like a weak little women, he respects my ability to fend for myself and allows me to be me.  I think this is important in a man.  He knows his place in our family and he knows mine and respects mine.  He makes no bones about things that I do around the house even if they are things that most of the time a man takes care of.  One of my favorite quotes of B "I have no clue ask my wife she does that stuff" it makes me laugh every time he says it!  This is the tougher side of B, but the tender side of B is the man that holds me close when I cry, calls just to say "I love you"and kisses me on the head every morning when he wakes up before me.  B is my calm harbour in a rough storm, he was and is my missing puzzle piece!  

Okay enough with the sentimental stuff for the day!  He is man, in his element the duck pond.  I love this picture, I also really like the fact that the beard went away when duck season ended!!!
Here's to the people in life that keep us laughing, loving and living!

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