Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Giddy Up...

This weekend we headed to Georgetown for the Harborwalk Festival.  All of Front Street was blocked off and there were street vendor and activities for all ages.  B enjoyed the cold Budweiser, I loved the funnel cake and MC was all about the pony ride.  

She loves horses!  Our neighbor has 12 of them, so we see horses everyday.  Her Uncle Pate (one of the boys) gave her a stuffed animal pony which sleeps with her every night, she even has a little blanket she tucks it in with.  Basically the point I am getting to is that she is border lined obsessed with horses/ponies.

B walked beside her while she held on the saddle with 4 fingers, please look at that grip.  I don't see barrel racing in her future until she holds on a little tighter!  The whole time she was on the pony she was saying "giddy up"!  

Here are the little moments and special people in our live that keep us laughing, loving and living!

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