Monday, May 23, 2011

The Hunt is OVER!!!!!

Ever since I found out I was prego with Baby #2 (she does have a name and great one at that, but we are keeping it a secret!) I have been on the hunt for a double Bob Revolution Stroller.  I have a single for MC right now and it is the best jogger ever, I use it for running but also for everyday.  They are expensive but worth every penny,  still I was having a hard time paying close to $700 dollars for it.  This resistance to spend $700 and frankly the lack off that amount of extra cash just laying around with out a use is where my quest for a good used one for less than $375 started.  

I kid you not that I was on Craigslist and eBay almost everyday for 4 months.  I was so obsessed with finding a good deal I started looking in cities where we had a friend so if it came down to it I could beg and plead with them to do me a huge favor of messing with the Craigslist posting.  Our friend Steven even was on the hunt with me.  He was willing to drive where ever he needed to as long as I paid his gas.  

Well it was last Friday when I located "IT", the navy blue clean double Bob for $350 only catch it was in Albuquerque, NM.  Thanks so our good friends Erin and Joey who live there, it is now MINE!!!!!  Now I know you are thinking well that is great, but how in the hell are you getting back to you in South Carolina.  Well let me tell you....Erin and Joey are both from the Carolinas and are coming in July with their 2.5 year old.  They are going to use it as their stroller when they fly and gate side checking it so there is no shipping!  

Oh I love it when I plan comes together and when persistance pays off!!  Here's to saving some cash and to the little moments in life that keep you laughing, loving and living!!

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