Monday, May 9, 2011

So Thankful

I have told many people before, B and I are truly blessed with great friends.  We have the best friends in the world, there is not another group of people in world better than our friends.  Our friends span from many stages of our lives, childhood, high school, college and life with kids!

This weekend was full of the "boys" as I call them.  This is the group of guys that B has grown up with over the years hunting together, as the original boys have gotten older the group has expanded.  I love these guys, there is never a dull moment. 

The weekend with the boys really started with Jeep on Thursday spending the whole day at the house with MC and myself (when I say all day I mean from about 11:30 in the morning until 9 that night)!  

Then on Friday B and Clark fried up some flounder, shrimp and wahoo and Joel, Sam, Shawn, Biz, Colleen and MT joined us for a great meal and lots of adult beverages.  It is very funny to be the sober one around this group.  There were several times, I was laughing so hard, I could not talk.  

Saturday during the day was a family day with B and MC.  Then Saturday night we got all gussied up, the in-laws watching MC and we headed down to Bunny's wedding.  Bunny is one of the boys, he lived with Chris (an original boy) at Clemson for years.  He joined the few of us in the group that have decided that marriage is not a four letter word!  It was so much fun, I love seeing B all dressed up, he looks so damn cute in a tux!  Here are a few pics one of my wonderful little growing family and then one of me with B and Jeep.

Sunday was the perfect ending to a great weekend.  A wonderful mother's day with my family, playing in the backyard in the sun and then hamburgers outside on the picnic table with my mom and B's parents.  Also I was in bed before it was dark outside! 

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  1. You look awesome Anne-Magill!!! Glad you had a happy Mother's Day! :)