Friday, May 20, 2011

Great List

I was in the Doctor's office yesterday waiting to be seen.  The magazine selection was not the greatest, I love to catch up on my pop culture normally, but the March issue of Parenting was all I could find.  While flipping through I came across this list "4 Ways Kids are Like Pizza".  

I don't have a fancy SmartPhone so in case the picture is too small to read, here is the list:

4 Ways Kids are Like Pizza
  1. Delivery takes much longer than 30 minutes.
  2. They're often quite saucy.
  3. They're frequently crusty.
  4. Even when they aren't their best, they're still pretty darn good.
This tickled me so much I laughed out loud in the Doctor's office, good thing I was the only one in the room waiting! 

Here's to the little moments in life that keep you laughing, loving and living!

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