Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AMP vs. Sooty Mold

Today I started a battle against the sooty mold on my Myer Lemon Tree.  Last year B and I bought a small Myer Lemon Tree and a lime tree.  They were about 10" tall when we bought them.  Now I kid you not they are at least 3.5 feet tall.  The lime tree is so full I can't get my arms around it.  I love these two plants, they spent the whole winter in my bathtub so the cold would not kill them!

I noticed about a month ago that the lemon tree's grow has slowed and then I spotted the sooty mold for the first time.  At that point in time I thought it was mud that a heavy rain had splattered on it (I think I was in denial).  Finally last night I decided to Google this black stuff, that I was starting to think was going to me the death of my lemon tree.  Much to my surprise it a pretty common issue, it is sooty mold.  The mold supposedly does not kill the tree however if it is not removed it causes the plant to not be able to absorb the sun which then causes the plant to die (so pretty much if you ignore it, it will kill your plant).  

So this morning after super hot workout with Palmetto Fit Club, I went to Possum's (the local plant chemical store) and found out what I needed to go to war against the Sooty mold.  $25 later I was armed with an organic mold and mildew remover and a spray bottle.  So when I got home I started round one of AMP vs. Sooty Mold.  I have full intentions of kicking this mold's butt, I will keep you updated as the battle continues on!

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