Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hold On was a roller coaster today!

Well today was a roller coaster of emotions at the Payne house.  I guess with three females this is a mild one compared to what we will be having in another 12 or so years (poor Brad, he might move out)!  

Our morning started early,  MC was wide awake at 6:15 screaming, "Momma come get me, I am ready to go to the Aquarium."  I did go get her, however we did not venture down to the AQU until 9ish.  We dropped Little R off to my mom and MC and I had went on a momma/MC date, the first one since Little R was born.  The date was great, the fish were great, MC got to see the live feed from the turtle hospital and then we finished off with Dora in 4D.

We then went to and picked up Little R.  I was in desperate need of a strapless bra for a wedding I am in the 2 weeks!  So I decided to go to Chantilly on my way home (this is were we took our down hill spiral).  I talked with MC about using her good manners before we got our of the car, and she said "yes momma, I will use my manners in that bra store I promise.  So here I go into an upscale lengerie store with both my children (I think it would have been better if I had opted to take the 12 week old puppy instead).  My first sign that things were not going to be so great, should have been when MC jumped into the biggest puddle I have ever seen in the parking lot, and started laughing her ass off (lets face it I should have just got back in the car and said well there is always another day, but no I continued in).  The look on the fake blondes' face when I entered the store should have been the 2nd reason to turn around, I could already tell she was annoyed at our presence.  So I get the only 2 strapless bras they had in my size (pretty sure she just gave me two to get the hell out of there faster) and then Little R starts screaming while I half naked in the dressing room, there was nothing I could do than just let her scream while I got my clothes back on.  When I say scream I hope the loudest most piercing scream is what you have in mind, because I want you to multiply that by 10!  I have never in my life heard her make such a fuss.  So I frantically get my clothes back on and pick up her carrier and she shuts up and starts smiling, like the sweet angel she is.  I grab the one bra that I am going to get and head out the dressing room.  MC takes off and almost knocks a huge rack of dressing robes over.  I go to get her and she takes off running through the store, by the time I get my hands on her she is in the front window about to knock the whole damn display down.  I grab her and pick her up as she is kicking in screaming (please keep in mind the whole time I have R in her bucket car seat on my right arm).  Another sales lady had be totaled for the bra, I quickly gave her my card hoping to get out of the store as soon as possible.  When I signed the slip, I looked down, in my frantic uncontrollable moments with my children, I had just purchased an eight-four dollar bra!!!!  I hope it makes me look great, that is an insane amount of money.  So basically I was that mom who could not control her kids that temporarily lost her mind and spent an obscene amount of money on a strapless bra.  To add insult to injury, the nice lady working insisted on carrying R out to the car for me.  I am sure the whole time going, this poor woman she is in over head!

So after a good two hour nap and some good quite time for me, things were looking up.  We loaded in the car to go to a local fundraiser and the girls were angels!!!  Thank goodness since we were around people that know us.   We came home and had dinner together, it was wonderful.  Little R went to sleep and MC and I came back down stairs.  She started talking about the turtle hospital that we had seen on the TV at the aquarium this morning.  She was asking a million questions.  All of the sudden she folded her hands and tucked them in between her legs. I thought to myself, here we go back down hill, she is getting ready to pee on my counter top (we have just started the big girl patty thing, just in case you are wondering potty training sucks)!  When I asked her what she was doing she looks up at me and says with the most endearing look on her face "Momma I am praying", I then asked her what she was praying about, she said "I praying for those turtles in the hospital, that the doctors fix them all better".  All of the sudden the screaming wild blonde monster that took over the bra store was gone, I smiled to myself and thought God gives you those crazy times in life so you appreciate the ones that matter the most like my little girl praying for the sick turtles. 

Here are to the roller coaster days that keep us laughing, loving and living!

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