Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Epic that is the only word...

Well let me tell you something this weekend was action packed.  Filled with fun with the kids, great friends, good food and too much red vino for sure!!!

The weekend was kicked off Friday night with a wild rice and shrimp casserole and spending time with my friends Colleen and Mary Nelson.  MC was full of herself, starting a story to them with "One day when I was picking my nose on the sofa... (I was one proud momma for sure)!!!  They spend the night and stayed a good portion of the morning on Saturday.

Saturday brought another wonderful supper club.  Wonderful food and great company.  Jack D even was there to keep B company!!!

Sunday started early and ended late.  We had a birthday party for Clark that ended at 2:30 Monday morning!!!  The boys where in rare form for sure.  Have you ever seen 4 grown men play shirtless beer pong?  (They thought they looked amazing, not so sure if I agree).

Here's to epic weekends that keep us Laughing, Loving and Living!!!

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