Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Being a Mom

I never imagined before I had MC how much fun and rewarding being a mom could be.  Being a mom does not come with a big paycheck as a reward instead it come with kisses, hugs, I love yous and many more little moments that keep me laughing, loving and living! 

In college I always pictured Brad being a stay at home dad and me leaving early in the morning and coming home in time for supper and bath time.  OH how I was wrong, I am a part time working mom and I work 4 days a week from home!  I spent 6 days a week at home with my little princess and I have been around for all the first and only have spent one night away from her in almost two years.

It is simple days like yesterday and today that make me realize how truely blessed I am.  Being able to work and also interact with MC that is truly amazing.  Yesterday I sat at the island in our kitchen working when MC walked up with her crayons and a piece of paper said "Momma I am working".  I pulled up another chair and she sat beside me for almost an hour and "worked".  This morning I did some emailing drinking my coffee as MC ate her breakfast beside me and talked my ear off!

With BABY #2 on the way I am guess these little moments are more and more cherished as I watch my little baby girl transform into a little girl.  It seems like yesterday I held her for the first time!

Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. Thank you! I think you are the only one that reads my Blog, I need to get some more followers.