Monday, March 14, 2011

What a weekend!

Well Spring has sprung and I am in love with it!  We had such a great weekend with MC and our friends.  Here are some highlights:
  • Menchie's with MC on Friday afternoon
  • Wonderful shrimp pasta supper on Friday with Jeep
  • Funky Little Kitchen brunch with Jeep and MT
  • Soaked up some sunshine and shot some skeet Saturday during the day with friends
  • Stock the Bar Party for Kristina and Bunny
  • Bubbles and bathing suits in the yard
  • Pulled pork with slaw, brown rice, squash casserole and grilled zuchini for Sunday dinner outside at the picnic table with MC, B, Clark and MT!
It was truly an amazing weekend!  Looking forward to a week of great weather leading us into another super fun filled weekend!

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