Friday, April 15, 2011

LIttle Minds....

I know I have said this before but here it goes again, I love being a mom!  Maybe it is because I have the most amazing wonderful little girl (I am not partial or bias at all!)  It is hard to believe that our little MC is going to be 2 in June.  It seems like yesterday when she joined this wonderful world.  At every stage I think this is my favorite stage yet, but the bests keep on coming.

At 22 months it is how her little mind is developing that is so amazing and fun to watch.  It seems like she goes to sleep at night and her vocabulary doubles in her sleep and her cognitive development does as well.  She now speaks in sentences, can say the alphabet, count to ten and  even sometimes "listens to directions".  I have that is quotes because she is only 22 months so the listening is a loose term.

With her brain absorbing so much all the time and her ability to talk has been an interesting for Me & B as well.  We have really had to clean our language up.  I decided that when she does to pre-school at our church next year, I would like her not to have any 4 letters words to share!

Well that is all I have in me today!  Here's to the little moments in life that keep us laughing, loving and living.

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