Monday, April 4, 2011

Somthing is in season

Almost 9 months of the year there is something is season that my husband enjoys to hunt or fish which means there is something always dead in my fridge!  I know that might make some people's skin crawl, but I am numb to it now.  

April 1st means jokes and pranks to many households, but to mine it is the opening of turkey season.   Which really means for the next 4 weeks any spare afternoon or morning that my husband is not working will consist of Gilly Suites, T-mobile decoys, slate calls and box calls resulting in most likely a body bag or two in my fridge.   The good news is he only gets 4 turkey tags a season!

Here is what my fridge looks like after two turkeys in the bag this weekend!  Who does not have dead birds in front of the milk?!?!?!
 My husband and his passion for hunting keeps him laughing, loving and living!

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